Сегодня мы вам предлагаем очередную подборку детективных книг и статей - будем надеяться, что она и правда окажется “ на любой вкус”))

Начальный уровень


Finders Keeprs by Brennar Frank


Не совсем типичный детектив - но тем и лучше:

Harry Chen was fifty years old, and he looked like a typical teacher. He always wore a tie and a cotton jacket, even in the hottest weather. For the past twenty years, Harry has taught archeology at one university in Singapore. In addition - he was a thief. Harry has always loved archeology: he adored ancient things with the age of hundreds and thousands years. It was very nice to keep history in your own hands. Most of all, Mr. Chen liked ceramics. The university often sent him to make a research when another ancient artifact was found somewhere. But Harry didn't like that valuables would crouch in museums. He kept for himself small things that others did not know about. The thief has accumulated a large collection of stolen antiquities.

Гарри было 50, и он выглядел как типичный учитель: всегда, даже в жару, носил галстук и хлопковый пиджак. Последние 20 лет он преподавал археологию в университете в Сингапуре. А вдобавок к этом, был… вором. Гарри всегда любил археологию: он восхищался древностями, возраст которых насчитывал многие сотни и тысяяячи лет. Держать историю в руках было так захватывающе. Больше всего Мистер Чен любил керамику. Когда где-то находили неизвестный ранее исторический артефакт, университет часто посылал его проводить исследования. Но Гарри не хотел, чтобы древности просто пылились в музее. У него самого было собрание мелких, но ценных вещей, о которой никто больше не знал. Вор собрал у себя громадную коллекцию похищенных древностей…

Сложные слова (заранее готовьте словарик): rosewood, coldness, rubbish, alarmed, shopkeeper, waking, stillness, lecturer, careless, annoy, aged, archaeology, mid, orchard, pottery, noisy, disappearance, whistle, waitress, archaeologist, relaxed, lottery, cafe, antique, useless, supper, grind, winning, excite, remains.

И, наконец, пробный кусочек текста:

Harry Chen looked like a middle-aged teacher. He always wore a tie and an old cotton jacket, even in the hot sun. His hair was going thin and he did not stand up straight. He was fifty years old and for the past twenty years had been a lecturer in archaeology at a university in Singapore.

He was also a thief.

His great love in life had always been archaeology. He loved to see things that had been hidden from human sight for hundreds, even thousands, of years. He loved the feeling of excitement he got when he held a piece of history in his hands. But his special love was pottery, the older the better.

Sometimes the university sent him to places where old pottery had been discovered. It was his job to sort out these things. The university would then put the things that were interesting in a museum where they could be shown to the public. But Harry Chen had his own private museum that nobody else knew about. He hated the idea of not keeping some of the old and, sometimes, beautiful things he found. And, if those beautiful things were only small things that nobody but he had seen, who would ever know if they were gone? So he kept them.

He had quite a collection of stolen things now, all carefully hidden in his home. They were mostly small, broken things that were not of much value. Even so, he did have some pots, rings and other favourite things that were extraordinary and lovely to see. He loved them so much he would sometimes, during the warm evenings, lay them all out on the floor to look at. He would examine each piece with love and care. Only he, he was sure, could understand their true value.

He lived alone in an old house which looked over the Singapore River. It was close to the antique shops which sold die old things he loved. He would often look in the shop windows at the beautiful things he could not afford to buy. Not on his salary. It made him angry to think that such things would end up in the home "f some fat tourist who could not possibly see their true value as he could.

Средний уровень

Great Crimes by John Escott



Сразу оговоримся: книга эта может быть полезна и высшему левелу, поскольку относится, формально говоря, к уровню B2 (Upper Intermediate) (количество уникальных слов: 1314, общее количество слов: 7600). Но и ученикам среднего уровня эта книжка подойдет - особенно, если покажется действительно интересной)

О чем она:

This book tells about the most famous criminals in the United States. This is not about ordinary petty offenders. These people became really famous by their deeds. Only the most interesting and unusual cases are presented in this story.

В этой книге собраны рассказы о самых известных преступниках США, Причем преступники эти необычны: это - люди, которых прославили их противоправные действия)) В книжку включены лишь истории о наиболее интересных и необычных делах.

Кстати, вот и отзыв одного из читателей:

“Очередное быстрое чтиво во время книжной ярмарки для учеников и родителей. Мне очень нравится это ощущение когда просто проходя между рядами книг, выбираешь себе одну, садишься и поглощаешь ее за один присест.

В этой книге подобраны короткие необычные криминальные истории, поэтому читается очень легко и ненавязчиво.”

Сложные слова: ruby, balaclava, lord, thumbprint, lorry, depository, racehorse, august, petrol, parkland, shortened, valuables, newsman, forged, moustache, violet, dew, doorknob, lying, rainwater, madman, fright, crescent, jack, stormy, handcuff, confidently, racing, belgian.

Наконец, an extract from the text:

Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen met Cora Turner in New York, in July 1892. He was thirty years old, and was working in a hospital, and she was nineteen. Crippen had been married before, but his first wife had died. He immediately fell in love with Cora, and six months later they were married.

At first they continued to live in New York, and Crippen joined a company which sold medicines. This was CoraтАЩs idea. She wanted her husband to earn more money than the hospital was paying him.

Cora wanted to be a singer, so her husband paid for her to have singing lessons. Her voice was not really good enough, and she wasn’t very successful. Later, when the couple moved to London, she did begin to sing in theatres, although she was never famous.

Crippen was not allowed to work as a doctor in England because he had trained in America, so he continued to work for the American medicine company, and opened a London office for them.

In 1905, the Crippens moved to a house at 39 Hilldrop Crescent. They were not happy together. Cora was a cruel, violent woman, and the couple were always arguing, often because Cora spent more money than they could afford. She also liked to be with other men.

In 1907, Crippen fell in love with his secretary, Ethel Le Neve. Ethel wanted him to leave his wife and marry her, but Crippen would not - or was afraid to - do this.

Высший уровень

Deadheads by Reginald Hill



This is an unusual detective novel. You won't be able to predict the end of it. There are a lot of unsolved crime mysteries and much British humor. Patrick Aldermann is in the center of this story. Many deaths regularly occur around him. People die every day. But when these deaths play right into someone's hand, it becomes very suspicious. When Patrick's aunt passes away in the rose garden, he inherits her big mansion. When the man comes to work for a new company, he has a great career development. It is not because he is a good specialist. The reason is many people die and Patrick takes their positions. Patrick's boss starts fearing for his life. So he goes to the inspectors Dalziel and Pascoe. The police become interested in this case.

Это - нетипичный детективный роман. Вы не сможете предугадать его концовку. Он буквально переполнен нераскрытыми преступлениями и британским юмором. Главный герой истории - Патрик Альдерманн. Вокруг него люди умирают регулярно - точнее, каждый день. Но когда эти смерти начинают быть кому-то на руку, это становится очень подозрительно. Когда тетка Патрика, находясь в розовом саду, умирает, он наследует ее крупное поместье. Когда мужчина приходит на работу в новую компанию, его карьера внезапно и резко начинает идти в гору - вовсе не потому, что он очень хороший специалист. Причина в том, что люди начинают умирать, а Патрик занимает их места. Доходит до того, Босс Патрика начинает бояться за свою жизнь - и отправляется к инспекторам Дельзиелу и Паскоу. Наконец, полиция заинтересовывается этим делом….

Сложные слова: pitying, envied, sneezing, impermanent, edged, deadhead, boasting, sorrowfully, improbability, impermanence, forcing, affecting, buttonhole, regretful, rosebush, overwork, sourly, bandaged, daft, offence, multi, disloyal, approvingly, expressionless, chairmanship, scratching

И выдержка из текста:

Death in a rose garden

Mrs Florence Aldermann hated to see her garden looking so neglected. Her old gardener, Caldicott, and his son, Dick, had not been working properly. That was because she had refused to employ Dick's son Brent. Brent had stolen some fruit from her garden, and that was a serious crime to Mrs Aldermann. She would have to get rid of the Caldicotts.

With this thought in her mind, she took her sharp knife and angrily cut the dead flowers from a rosebush. As the deadheads fell into her bucket, she realized that someone was watching her.

'Patrick,' she called crossly, 'come here!'

Slowly the boy came up to her. Aged about eleven, he was still small for his age. His face was pale and expressionless.

Mrs Aldermann could never see Patrick without feeling angry. She had been angry when her niece Penelope had produced this unwanted child. She had been even angrier when Penelope refused to say who the father was. Mrs Aldermann's anger was strong and long-lasting. She still felt angry with poor Eddie Aldermann, her husband, for dying two years ago and leaving her alone to look after Rosemont, this big house and its demanding gardens. Finally, she was angry with herself for growing old and tired, angry with herself for having a heart attack while shopping in London six months ago.

It was lucky that Penelope had been with her when illness struck. Penny was sensible, calm, and an excellent nurse. Nothing upset Penny. She had shown no anger or bitterness, for example, when told that after Mr Aldermann's death the money he had given her for years would stop.

Florence Aldermann came out of her private hospital as soon as she was well enough to travel, and returned to Rosemont. Penny came with her and looked after her perfectly. The only problem was that where Penelope went, Patrick had to go too. Despite this, Mrs Aldermann had asked her niece to stay with her at Rosemont permanently. The house was too big for her to live in alone, and Penny would be grateful, she felt sure, to be offered a home in such a lovely part of Yorkshire. She could not believe her ears when Penelope said she was missing London, and would have to think about her aunt's offer. How could anyone prefer a tiny, dark London flat to a fine old house like Rosemont, with its beautiful gardens!


Помните, вы должны читать книгу, а не словарь. Поэтому разрешите себе смотреть в словаре максимум одно-два слова на странице. И лишь те, значение которых вы так и не поняли из контекста.

Пробуйте применять правило 31 страницы. Это когда вы садитесь и неотрывно читает 31 страницу книги. Если с жанром и с книгой вы не ошиблись, то вы увидите, как магическим образом в будете понимать, о чем говорится в книге.

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